5 years ago, as I was studying computer science in an engineer's school, I created this blog to share simple tutorials with my classmates and under underclassmen. At the time, I was mostly using this blog to share How Tos describing how to install tools to attend the classes in my school. I was barely publishing anything in this blog. So a few year later, as I was replacing my server, I decided to bring this website down.

But despite this, I've always had the habit of writting down what I do. So over the years, even though I wasn't publishing them, I've still accumulated quite a lot of How Tos. And not having them online is something I often regret because it can be a bit inconvenient to refer to them when I'm not on my "main" computer.

So today, I've decided to bring this website back from the grave.

Having my collection of How Tos online will be convenient for me. Hopefully, you'll also find something interesting in them.